Sankara Imports now on Bothell Main Street

Sankara Imports is now on Bothell's Main StreetSankara Imports, formerly located in Country Village, has moved to Bothell's Main Street at 10130-B Main Street, Bothell, WA 98011! Though they have been in Bothell for four years, the owners, Katrina and Francesca, are looking forward to being active members of the real Bothell community now that they have relocated. They also look forward to sharing their love of India, art, and adventure with their new neighbors in Downtown Bothell. They are located beneath the Bothell Jewellers; so keep an eye out for the red elephants and the purple stairs!

     Unique jewelry in Bothell Washington. Sankara ImportsSankara Imports carries a wide range of handicrafts imported mainly from India and Nepal. The range includes clothing, jewelry, scarves, home décor, and a variety of other unique, one of a kind gifts and treasures. Katrina and Francesca take turns traveling throughout India in search of the best handicrafts of each diverse region. They work directly with the individual artisans in order to assure ethical working conditions, fair prices, and maintain the best quality of items for the shop. They also buy from a variety of charity organizations which focus on handicrafts as employment, skills training, and/or education. In order to help where they can in the face of widespread poverty, Francesca and Katrina work with this growing network of charity organizations throughout India (check out Sankara Imports Facebook page). Sankara Imports donates 5% of all sales every month to a rotating roster of their charity partners. They also return 5% of the sales of items produced by charities back to that charity in order to help fund their work. While it is only a drop in the bucket, the money that Sankara Imports raises can make an incredible amount of difference in India for the small groups they support.



Sankara Imports in Bothell WashingtonSankara is also branching out and beginning to expand their offerings by working with their favorite artisans to create things exclusive to their shop. They have a limited range of tops in sizes from S to XXL as well as a range of bags. The tops are made from hand blockprinted organic cotton and are stitched by the tailors at Sunshine Project, one of their favorite charities, mixing traditional techniques with a modern twist. A selection of the tops have also been embellished by Salma, an Afghani refugee in Delhi, and Shahana, a Chikkan embroiderer in Lucknow. While Katrina and Francesca love the traditional handicrafts, they also enjoy working with the artists to bring traditional techniques into the modern age for markets both in India and around the world. This summer they are also going to begin offering small, intimate tours around India. Contact Katrina in the shop or via email for more details. With a new home-base on Main Street, and with the amazing welcome and support they’ve already received, Sankara Imports is excited to share their adventures with you!

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WhatsApp/Phone/Text: 425-273-1423


Bothell City Council elects Andy Rheaume mayor and Davina Duerr deputy mayor

Andy Rheaume Mayor of Bothell Davina Duerr Deputy Mayor of Bothell

The Bothell City council elected Andy Rheaume as Mayor and Davina Duerr as Deputy Mayor of the City of Bothell. They will be in office for 2 years. Interesting fact, Davina Duerr served on the Northshore Schools Foundation board. Ever wondered how much the Bothell mayor gets paid? $1,200/month. Deputy mayor gets the deputy mayor receives  $1,050/month.




Bothell Police Looking for Help Finding a Burglar

Bothell Break in and burglary. I don't know about you, but the number of break-ins in Bothell seem to have increased over the last year or so. It just might just be the fact that they are more advertised and talked about in the community (blogs, community Facebook accounts, etc). Regardless, it reinforces the need for everyone in the community to be vigilant and aware of our surroundings. NO, I am not talking about turning into that person who is on reporting everyone with a hoodie walking around in the neighborhood, but just making sure you are aware of your surroundings, locking your door, keeping your lights on, not leaving your kids bikes in your driveway, installing motion activated lights, etc. 


Bothell Break InAnyhow, on December 31st around 7pm (that is an "at home" time... my guess it was an inside job.. someone knew they homeowners were not home.. Sorry.. been watching to much CSI on TV) there was a break in on the 19500 block of 93rd PL NE. Apparently the Predator caught and image of the bugler. (image courtesy of the Bothell Police Department) The Bothell Police need help finding this guy. If you any information on this break in, "shoot" Kevin Provencher at the Bothell Police an email.




Ladies Night Out at Country Village

Ladies Night at Bothell Country Village 2016Looking for a great local place to bring your girl friends for a "relaxed" shopping experience? The Country Village has just the event for you! Call up the girl crew and meet up for Ladies Night Out at Country Village. Ladies Night features drawings, refreshments, fantastic unique finds, and drastic discounts.

For instance, check out Quite the Find for some great home decor and clothing options that you can't find anywhere else. Local designers show off their newest fashions and products at Quite the Find in Country Village

Pick up your Country Village "Passports" and enter to win a special gift basket loaded with goods representing each participating shop, plus a Country Village gift certificate for $50 good at any Country Village shop or service.

My wife has gone a number of times and loves it! Make it your Bothell girls night tradition!



Bothell Denny's Closing Its Doors

Well, you can scratch another Bothell restaurant off the list. The Canyon Park Denny's is closing it's doors for good the 3rd of January (date to be confirmed). We were told that high rent prices are to blame for the closure. Old Bothell is fading folks... higher rent, higher prices are coming. Didn't Denny's use to be Perkins or something like that? (UPDATE: THANK YOU Bothell Blog readers Cara, Jason, April, Roger and Kay for reminding us, it was a MITZELS KITCHEN!! That was back when QFC was an Olsen's)


Bothell Denny's closing early 2016


So the question is, where can you go in Bothell for a good, affordable breakfast? As many of you know, the Bothell Blog is a HUGE fan of breakfast. In fact, many of you have opted for the Buy my Breakfast plan which local business owners can take our our online marketing and SEO guru, Sean McVeigh out to breakfast and pick his brain for an hour. As a breakfast fan, the Bothell Blog has put together a list of Denny's alternatives for those of us who frequented Denny's for it's increadibley average food and great prices... and of course, stable wifi. Here you go:

1. Crystal Creek Cafe. Not inexpensive, but always consistent. Flavored creamers. Pancakes could use some help. Wifi.

2. Kozy Corner Cafe. Good prices. Not a fan of their bacon.. not smoky enough for my taste. No Wifi... I don't think

3. Steve's Cafe. Only place in Bothell where you can order a "cup of gravy". Wifi? What's Wifi?

4. Alexa's Cafe and Catering. A Bothell classic, high quality food. Not inexpensive... but IMHO you pay what you get for. Awesome bacon. Wifi.

5. The Original Pancake House. A bit far down 527... traffic getting to and from in the mornings can be tough. Here is something else, for being a "Pancake House", I was not impressed with their pancakes. Not sure if there is Wifi.

6. Patty's Egg Nest. Now this place.. I LOVE. REALLY good breakfast. Nice staff. Again, it is way down 527 so it is not going to be my local spot.. but a nice treat when you can get down there.

Did I miss any? Send me an email 



2016 All In for Kids Luncheon


That's what you help us do everyday at the Northshore Schools Foundation.
Celebrate with us on April 6, 2016
 as we share the successes of our past and make an investment in the future of our students. 
Your support helps our students achieve the promise of their potential.  
Registration begins at 11:00 am
Networking and preview of student work from 11:00 to Noon
Lunch and program 12:00 to 1:15 p.m 

$100 suggested minimum donation, however you can register now for free.

We are aiming for 100% giving participation from all the guests this year and we will be announcing challenge funds very soon.



Michelle Millman is speaking at the Northshore Schools Foundation 2016 Luncheon

Michelle Millman is up before the crack of dawn to bring you the news on KIRO 7 at 4:30 AM. By the time she anchors the hour news at Noon it feels like dinner time but most people are just getting on with their day!

Michelle and her husband, a captain in the Everett Fire Department, both attended the Renton School District but are thrilled to be raising their two boys right here in the Northshore School District. Their boys are at Northshore Junior High and Inglemoor High so Michelle knows how the Northshore Schools Foundation has touched their lives!

After graduating from the University of Washington, Michelle’s broadcast career first took her to Lewiston, Idaho – right in “cougar country” – then it was on to Yakima.

Michelle arrived to KIRO 7 and worked her way up from associate producer to reporter to anchor – getting to see all sides of the newsroom has helped her gain an appreciation for the business.

Highlights while at KIRO 7 include pulling more than 6G’s with the Navy’s Blue Angels, travelling to the Seahawks 1st Super Bowl appearance in Detroit, meeting MM's QR Code and interviewing Oprah and most importantly, as a breast cancer survivor, doing her best to raise awareness in the community.

You can follow Michelle on Twitter: @MichelleKIRO 7 or “like” her Facebook page here: or just “Red Laser” this QR code!



Northshore Schools Foundation, A Bothell Non-Profit



The Bothell Santa

There are still some openings for pictures with the Bothell Santa! Normally spots fill up quickly, but this year we started early which means there are some spots that need to be filled.

Bothell, Kenmore and Mill Creek families have been going to the Bothell Santa for years and have made a tradition of seeing the big guy every year. The Bothell Blog has worked with Chapters Photography for years and are proud to have them as local sponsor. 

We have personally witnessed the Santa experience and one of the things that blew us away was how quickly Santa and Rob the photographer set the mood and got the shots that everyone loved. It was amazing. 

If you are looking for availability, contact us and we will check the Bothell Santa calendar!

Bothell Santa Dave. Santa for families in Mill Creek, Kemore and Bothell

The Bothell Santa



Whales Scout Helpin Out

Join Whale Scout December 5th 10 am-2 pm with Friends of North Creek Forest for a fun day restoring the forest! Share some free chili with your favorite buddies and help feed whales by restoring important habitat for North Creek salmon.

Location: North Creek Forest Lower Sites 1-3 (visible from I-405)
Driving Directions: Restoration sites 1-3 can be accessed from 112th (off Beardslee Blvd and NE195th) just north of the UWB/Cascadia Campus. Turn onto 112th from Beardslee (through the Village at Beardslee Crossing) and follow 112th past the condos and farmhouse. You will see the restoration site (look for the portable toilet) on your left.
Supplies: Gloves, tools, and hot chili provided! Just wear clothes for the weather.
RSVP: email

FREE! Bring the kids for fun activities and wearable dorsal fins! Free Chili Lunch!

Support for Whale Scout was provided by the Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, a grantmaking fund created by the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and administered by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.



Bothell City Council Approves Update to the Imagine Bothell Plan

Well the Bothell City Council voted to approve the update to the "Imagine Bothell" Plan. If you have never heard of the Imagine Bothell Comprehensive Plan, just click on the link to find more about it. This update provided a number of updates to the initial plan.

2015 Bothell City Council

The 2015 Periodic Plan and Code Update to the Imagine Bothell… Comprehensive Plan includes, among other provisions:

1.    Mixed-use zoning in the Canyon Park Business Center.
2.    Policies regarding climate change, air and water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat;
3.    Development of the downtown area as a mixed use urban growth center;
4.    Support of high quality transit services to meet future growth needs, as well as transit oriented development.
5.    Update to the City’s regulations pertaining to accessory dwelling units including allowing for detached ADUs.
6.    University of Washington Bothell enrollment and integration growth

Overall it looks like a solid plan that balances growth while still addressing Bothell's focus on responsible development. Read more about this update here: