Kid and Family Activities in Bothell

Growing up in Bothell is great as a kid. There is SO much to do, SO much to see! Getting outdoors helps keep us AND our kids stay grounded and off a screen. In Bothell we are so lucky to have great places to do things, large parks, great rivers and streams. Biking and hiking along many of our trails is a great way to spend some quality family time (we call it FFFT, Forced Family Fun Time). Here are some things to do as a family or 1:1 with your kiddo:


Country Village

Playing with chickens and ducks at Country Village is so fun and cost effective. Hang out with kids, ducks, chickens and the occasional events that are happening. Find more family activities happening here.




Family time in Bothell. Kids and family can walk along North CreekWalking the creek in North Creek

We have some great creeks, paths and hikes here in Bothell. Bring the family and pup along with on a great adventure! Here is our complete guide to hikes in and around Bothell.




Bothell's Miners Park. One of our favorite family parks in Bothell.Bothell Parks

We have a great parks and recreation department here in Bothell. The proof is in all of the awesome parks we have in the area. Our favorite? Miner Park (pictured here) and Logan park. There are tons of other great parks as well. Visit our Bothell Parks page to hear our review on each of them.