Bothell Food and Dining

Bothell food and dining is alive and well. We have some great options to eat here in Bothell. Over the years we have see a large increase of the number of restaurants in our area, and to be honest, it’s been overall a pretty good experience. Finding good Bothell food is pretty easy, but we have even made it easier. Below we have listed our current favorites in each cuisine.

Casual Dining

The Cottage

Carolina Smoke BBQ

Teriyaki Plus


Bento Teriyaki

Hana Sushi

The Bine

Blue Tequila

The Den

Fine Dining

Prime Steakhouse Bothell


Jep’s Chef House


Fast Food

5 Guys Burgers

Taco Time

Taco Bell

Chick Fil A

The Ranch Drive In


We have some great food options in Bothell, we really do. This section will be dedicated to Bothell and the sounding area’s food selection and culture.