Visit Bothell Washington

If you are visiting Bothell, WELCOME!! We are so glad to have you visiting our Bothell community! We have listed some great resources below that can help you find where to day, what to eat, what to do, what to drink and how to experience our great town! If you are going to be visiting Bothell in the future, and are wondering where to stay or what to do while you are here, just shoot us an email and we will give you our thoughts!


Where to stay in Bothell WashingtonStay

Where to stay in Bothell! Bothell has MANY hotels to choose from deciding which one you choose should be based on a number of factors. Location being the key one. Check out our STAY Bothell page to get the details on where we suggest to stay in our fair city! Read more…



Where to drink in Bothell WashingtonDrink

What to drink and where to go to drink in and around Bothell. Bothell is a great town full of super happy hours and addicting nightlife! We have put together a list of must see/drink places to go. Print off this list and keep it handy at all times. Read more…


What to do in Bothell Washington.Do

What to do in Bothell!




Where to eat in Bothell WashingtonEat

Where to eat in Bothell.




Where to shop in Bothell WashingtonShop

Where to shop in Bothell!