Two New Wellness Focused Businesses Moved into Canyon Park

It was just a couple of years ago when I was saying to myself, “Why are there not more Bothell Chiropractors?”, I really said that! Then bam! We get new Chiropractors moving in all over the place. One of these Chiropractic businesses is The Joint Chiropractic that has opened alongside its sister store, Modern Acupuncture in Canyon Park, where the Quizno’s use to be. The are having their grand opening event this weekend! (see event details here)

I had a chance to swing into the offices of both a bit before they opened and talk to the owners and employees about these two new Bothell businesses.

First off, the concepts of these two businesses are different than the average Chiropractic and Acupuncture offices. These businesses are organized around convenience and providing quick, effective treatments. I thought this was a great concept because something that all of us could use is more time…. I spend way too much of my day on 405 thank you very much. This coupled with a low cost, membership model that sometimes end up saving money over using insurance co-pays.

The Joint Chiropractic

Dr.White is a chiropractor in Bothell Washington The Joint Chiropractic is run by Dr.White. Dr. White lives in Bothell, has been practicing chiropractic care for over 5 years and is originally from Texas. When you come in for an adjustment, Dr. Larry Franks will most likely be the doctor providing the adjustment. She was so excited to be working in Bothell and when I asked her what she liked about Bothell, she mentioned she love the way the community feels younger now with all of the new developments going on in downtown. She has been living in Bothell for 4 years now and loves the way the community is so connected. I agree, we have a great little thing going here in Bothell.

The Joint Chiropractic in Bothell WashingtonThe office was well lit and had a great flow to it. Members (after their quick initial visit) can just come in the front door, scan their badge and walk right back to the adjustment area and lay down on one of their comfy adjusting tables. She comes in , gives you a quick adjustment and you are OUT THE DOOR! Fast and convenient, I love it! This place is perfect for coming in right after work or on a lunch break. Great little area for the kiddos to sit so you can keep an eye on them during an adjustment.

The management team went into all of the health benefits for including chiropractic in your overall wellness program and there are a ton of them. I’m not going to list them here, but you can just Google Chiropractic benefits and see everything it can help with. They were mentioning that the number of kids that are getting treatment is increasing. Heavy backpacks can wreak havoc on a spine. They also mentioned that if a kiddo’s clothes are not fitting properly, sometimes that can be an indicator of spinal or back issues.

The overarching value-add I can see to The Joint Chiropractic is the speed in which you are in and out. It’s really fast and really effective. Right off of the 405 off-ramp, on my way home… super convenient. Next up was Modern Acupuncture, this one intrigued me as all I know about acupuncture is what I have seen on Kung-Fu Panda.

Modern Acupuncture

WOW. WOW. WOW. So, the design of the Modern Acupuncture office is incredible. Right when you walk in the office you feel a small, Zen like sensation. It is well let and beautify decorated and SO HARD to believe that I use to get my Quizno’s in that same location. If the owners of Modern Acupuncture were striving to provide a acupuncture experience that was one, effective and two, incredibly convenient. They nailed it.

Great lamp at Modern Acupuncture in Bothell WashingtonAgain, I will not go over all the great benefits of acupuncture, but do a Bing search and you can see the list is long and distinguished.
The overall treatments are typically about 30 minutes long (perfect for my lunch break!). They take appointments but walk-in’s are welcome as well. Once you are “needled”, you sit in one of their comfy, leather, zero gravity, heated massage chairs watching some very peaceful images on a big screen, listening to soothing spa Yanni type music.  The relaxation area has about 8 or 10 heated massage chairs and are semi private. Your clothes stay on for the treatments they offer. Typically needed (needles?) are placed on the arms, face and legs.

Needles are super, SUPER tiny. They said that it would take over 20 of these needles to share the same width of a normal doctor’s office type needle. Each of the needles are in sanitized protected packaging and are one use needles. They dispose of them in a bio responsible manner as well. Typically, there no evidence of the treatment after you leave and it’s not painful at all. On very few occasions some folks might feel a very small bit of pain, but overall, it’s painless. After your treatment, you are given a little cup of warm tea. Perfect way to end a session!

Anna an acupuncturist at Modern Acupuncture in Canyon Park, Bothell WashingtonI had a chance to speak to Anna and Alex, two of the acupuncturists and noticed right away, they really love doing what they do. I asked Anne how long she had been doing acupuncture and she mentioned that when she was 15, she wrote a letter to a master Chinese acupuncturist asking if he would take her as a student. He eventually did and she studied acupuncture in China for a number of years. She has never looked back. “Acupuncture helps people and I like helping people”, she said.

Alex is an acupuncturist at Modern Acupuncture in Canyon Park, Bothell WashingtonOne reasons Alex said he liked acupuncture was that acupuncture is not something that requires a lot of effort to implement, unlike dieting or exercising. Both are important of course, but with acupuncture you can include in into your normal lifestyle and it just take 30 minutes. I thought that was a great point. Many of us want to feel better but the effort that it takes to achieve change is difficult. Modern Acupuncture is easy. Walk in. Sit down. Get needled. Relax and Zen out.

Overall the two businesses are a great value add to the Bothell community. They make it super simple and easy to take care of ourselves. Modern Acupuncture and The Joint Chiropractic were designed to give us no excuse to take care of ourselves.


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