Rib Day at Carolina Smoke BBQ: June 14th

One thing I like about Bothell is that more often then not you get to hang out with some pretty interesting people. Dave Hayward from Carolina Smoke BBQ is one of those interesting people alright. What he has gone through is pretty incredible. He is a survivor for sure. Last year he experienced a heart attack and his heart stopped beating. He was dead. Now, a year later he is out golfing, smokin’ meat and having a blast with his “second chance.

Carolina Smoke BBQ is Giving Back in BothellDavid is going to have a fundraiser on June 14th, he is calling it Rib Day. We could go into details, but it’s easier if you just go to his website and read about it. It actually is a pretty inspiring letter. It’s nice to have business owners in Bothell that not only put out a great product, but also are survivors willing to do what it takes to win.



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