Huge Sink Hole found in Bothell. Brightwater Project Blamed

Brightwater Sinkhole in Bothell

This month a sinkhole was discovered in Bothell back in a wooded area right behind the DeLanda Dog Boarding business off of Bothell Way in Bothell. No one was hurt, but it was close to a housing area.

Bothell Brightwater Sink HoleThe hole was 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide. Enough to swallow a couple of cars. The area has been fenced off by contractors and the hole will be filled once they get a permit from the city.









As most people know, the Brightwater project is is a critical infrastructure upgrade to the Bothell/Kenmore area. The project is boring a 13 mile tunnel under Bothell and Kemore to send treated waste water to Puget Sound. The project is an estimated $1.8 billion dollar project, yes billion with a “b”.

Kenmore also had a Brightwater sink hole.

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