Bothell Taco Bell Drove Thru (not Drive Thru)

So Many Puns, so Little Time

Last night someone drove through the front of Bothell’s Canyon Park Taco Bell. Apparently, around 8:30pm someone accidently hit the gas in stead of the brake and drove through the front of the establishment. No one was hurt and the Bothell Police Department was called to investigate.

This morning we spoke to the manager who said that when he got the call last night he thought it was an early April fools joke.. but it wasn’t.

The Taco Bell is open for business and will be slinging tacos, burritos and Cheezy Gordita Crunch’s all day long.

Bothell Taco Bell: New Drive Thru

Bothell's Taco Bell

Taco Bell in Bothell: Inside the restuaunt

Komo 4 took this picture last night:

Bothell Taco Bell Crash the night of Komo4

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