Bothell's Mayor, Mark Lamb is running for Position 6 on the City Council

UPDATED 6.28.11

This year, Mark Lamb is running for re-election in his existing council position #6, Tris Samberg is challenging by running against Mayor Lamb for position #6 rather than in her current city council position #2.  Tris had announced last year she was not running for re-election and then recently decided to run for position #6 against Mr. Lamb. The general election will be held Nov 8th. Good luck to the both of you, may the best Bothellite WIN! Please comment on the issues important to you and we will Endeavour to get interviews for both of the candidates.

Bothell Mayor Chris Lamb 


Here is some additional information on the City Council. http://www.ci.bothell.wa.us/CityServices/CityCouncil.ashx

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