Keep those drains clear

Bothell, drainage is important

The city of Bothell has created a great little cheat sheet for all of us homeowners to use to help keep Fallen leaves from blocking storm drains, which can lead to ponding and localized flooding in our neighborhoods. You can help prevent this from happening by raking leaves and keeping them out of your street and storm drains. Here are some suggestions and safety guidelines:

  • Avoid raking leaves near the street where they can wash or get blown into nearby storm drains. 
  • Watch for traffic when clearing leaves out of storm drains. Work from the curb, not in the street, and make sure an adult supervises any children who are helping. 
  • Turn your leaves into beneficial compost. Autumn leaves are a great source of high-carbon material for your compost pile. Alternate layers of shredded leaves with the other materials you normally add to your…. Read more on their site..

Prevent flooding in Bothell.

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