Dog Training Classes starting on March 9th in Bothell

Looking for a local place Here in Bothell to get your doggy trained up? Check out Digg It Dog Training on March 9th!

iPuppy  9:00AM

Puppy Kindergarten is the most important class your pup will attend. It gives them the foundation for learning and provides preventative training needed to succeed in our home, community and the world around them. So start off on the right paw with the whole family in our iPuppy kindergarten class! This class is designed for puppies 8 – 20 weeks. Keep in mind this means 8- 20 weeks of age at the time your class starts (small and toy breeds are allowed up to 24 weeks). If your puppy is on the border of being too old for this class, contact us before registering so we can direct you to the appropriate class. Email is generally the fastest way to contact us and we try to return all emails and phone calls within 24 to 48 hours. This class is an hour long, 1 day per week for 5 weeks.

iDog 100  10:15 AM

We all love seeing well behaved dogs; they leave lasting impressions on our hearts. In iDog 100, it’s our goal to achieve a “Northwest Coffee shop dog”! He’s the dog that looks like he can do no wrong as you walked past him and his master. You think to yourself, “wow he didn’t even get up.” This well-mannered Fido might be sitting next to his “mom” at the beach or jogging with his “dad”, perhaps he’s behaving himself while his family is picnicking at the park or walking their favorite trails. Then the thought hits you, “I wish I could do this with my dog. But there’s no way!”  We are here to assure you, yes there is. In this class, we’ll address all the issues families and their dogs run into such as: jumping, mouthing, being overly excited, barking, etc. We’ll teach you how to train your dog in the basic commands such as sit, down, wait, stay, loose leash walking, and “come here”. You might be thinking, “You haven’t met me or my dog, this is a high bar to set”. Friend, both you and your dog will succeed! Plus, you deserve a dog you can enjoy everywhere and your dog deserves it too!

For more information, contact Nate at [email protected] or via . Our sign up sheet is on thier website and classes start March 9th at 9:00AM or 10:15AM.  

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