Local Bothell Girl Collecting Cans for a Scholarship Needs Your Help!

Maddy Dalgarn is a University of Washington-Bothell student striving to make a change for the endangered marine mammals and sea turtles in our oceans. She has grown up in Bothell, graduated Bothell High School and currently works as a Barista at the Village Bean in Country Village. When she is not studying towards a degree in Biology, she enjoys spending time with her horse or going for long walks with her dogs along the Burke-Gilman trail.  

Maddy Val from Bothell is raising money to help animals.From a young age Maddy has always had a strong passion for the well being of animals. During a family trip to Hawaii, Maddy fell in love with the sea turtles grace and beauty. She visited the Maui Ocean center and learned about their danger of extinction. She wants to bring awareness to the public about how to help and conserve these beautiful creatures. Maddy has the opportunity to go to New York and work with the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation to help rehabilitate marine mammals and sea turtles. The winter is the busiest time of the year in that area, because the Foundation brings in cold stunned Sea Turtles to help nurse back to health and release in the early summer.  While there Maddy will be responsible for the care of all in house animals and will help with the rescue and release of seals, dolphins and sea turtles.

In order to accomplish this goal Maddy is participating in a scholarship contest through Dosomething.org to collect cans to recycle. Every 50 cans she collects give her one more entry in a drawing to win $4000, that will go towards housing for six months in New York. Please drop off any aluminum cans or direct donations at the Village Bean in Country Village by December 12th. Thank you for your support!

You can find out more about the Riverhead Foundation at www.riverheadfoundation.org/



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