Shop Small, Shop Bothell.

Today is Small Business Saturday! It is our chance to support local Bothell small businesses by purchasing local. Every part of Bothell is loaded with great unique, one of a kind small businesses. From Thrashers Corner to Downtown Bothell, from Country Village to main street, there is something for everyone. Supporting local businesses, supports our Bothell community. There are a ton of great reasons why to buy locally here is Bothell on Small Business Saturday:

  • Shop local. Shop Bothell.A chilled out, laid back shopping experience. Totally different feel than Black Friday shopping.
  • Shopping local is better for the environment. Over 2/3 of the purchased goods come via cargo ships, which are a major pollutants. Buying local reduces the need of these ships. Also, you are driving less distances buying locally. 
  • It helps our local economy. Small businesses employ local Bothellites. Tax revenue stays here in Bothell which goes to helping Relax and check off items on our shopping list while supporting local businesses!
  • Unique, one of a kind gifts. Each local shop owner has their own sense of style and choice of inventory. When shopping local, you will find unique, one of a kind gifts that will be appreciated more.

There is no reason to leave Bothell when looking for you next gift. Whether you are shopping for the under 12 youngster, antique buff, sweet tooth, bookworm, or home decor goddess, Bothell has it all. So get out there and support local Bothell Businesses.





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