According to Customer: Goodyear Auto Service Center in Bothell Lacks Integrity

We love promoting Bothell businesses. Heck, WE are a Bothell business. However, every once in a while we come across something that is just not right.

Bothell Auto Mechanic GoodYear bad experiance stay awayBelow is a story from a long time reader of the Bothell Blog. The reason why we are posting this user's experience with Goodyear Auto Service Center in Bothell is so that other Bothell residents are informed on the experience of others. Please read, please share:

"I had my 94' Honda Accord towed to Goodyear Auto Service center. I called the shop and spoke to Tom. I let him know that my car was being towed to this location. He took my name and number and asked what was wrong with the car. I stated that the car failed to start when I tried leaving work that afternoon. Tom said he would take a look at the car the next day and give me a call.

About 10:30 I received a call from Goodyear from another person named Kurt. The diagnostics on the car indicated the distributor unit needed to be replaced. He also suggested a fuel injection cleaning. By not being in the financial position to get all the work done I decided to only have the distributor unit replaced. He quoted me at $55 for diagnostic, $75 for installation and $288 for the part. He said the car would most probably be done by 12:30 to 1:30. I received a phone about an hour later and was told that the incorrect part was quoted due to the car not having a model decal. So Kurt now said the total would be about $100 more because it was a brand new part and because the part still had to be requested I was now told my car wouldn’t be ready till around 3:30. It was 4:00 and hadn’t heard from Goodyear so I gave them a call and was told my car still wasn’t ready because my part hadn’t arrived due to traffic. On the previous conversation I double checked what the total would be and I was told approximately $500. When I arrived shortly after 5:00 my car was ready but.

I was shocked and surprised to find out that the grand total was $611.00. I didn’t get the name of the tech that helped me but I questioned the total and let him know I was told the total would be about $500. He didn’t know why there was a difference and said the person that initially helped me was gone and even if he got a hold of the tech he wouldn’t be able to do anything for me. Frustrated I had no choice but to swipe my card. After doing some research, I found out that the part (if bought from O'Brien's Auto Parts would have cost me around $200)"

We would be happy to post a response from Goodyear in Bothell, if they like.

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