Bothell Researcher has won the 2011 Wolf Prize

Bothell Resident won world’s premier agriculture research award the 2011 “Wolf Prize”

Bothell's own James Cook Researcher presented with the Wolf PrizeBothell’s own James Cook has won the 2011 Wolf Prize. This prize is given to the most outstanding researcher in agriculture. Mr.Cook won the award for 2 major discoveries in growing wheat. The first discovery was that disease could be better controlled if crops were replanted in the same field year after year, rather than rotating wheat with other crops such as corn or strawberries. The second discovery was farmers could still harvest healthy crops even if they did not till their fields every year. This saves money on labor, water and soil.

Of these approaches, Cook told Seattle Times reporter Katherine Long, “Mother Nature holds her secrets so tightly, and how to unravel them is the fun part — and also the challenge for scientists.”

Cooks discoveries will help farmers get higher yields without hurting the environment.


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