Bothell Company looking for a few good… breasts..

Moving Comfort Looking for some Double D’s

Do you live in Bothell? Do you currently own or have access to some 36DD’s? Moving Comfort (a Bothell based company) is looking for some busty gals to try out their new line of sports bras. No, this is not joke.


Our first question was WHO were the test givers and could we shake their hands for having one of the best jobs on planet earth.. Second was, how do you “test” these wonder bras??.. Here are some specifics:

“If you are a natural size 36DD and want to test four to six bras for about three hours, here’s the deal: You’ll be running in a bra in front of female analysts with clipboards. Reflective markers will be taped to your bra for movement measurements. You’ll be expected to run for about 30 seconds at an 8-minute mile pace for each tested bra.

The company would prefer testers be between 25 and 40 years old, who have had only one or no babies, and haven’t breast fed an infant in the past six months. You can’t have had sports-related injuries or surgeries in the past six months that would alter your running gait.”


Here is the full article, which I found well written:




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