Bothell gets a new woman Police Chief, Carol Cummings

Bothell has gone chick, at one of the highest levels. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Carol Cummings has an awesome track record and is more than qualified to handle Bothell's Police Department.

Bothell Has a new police chief Carol CummingsChief Cummings will start her new role as Police Chief on 1/24/11 and the current Police Chief Forrest "Life is a box of chocolates" Conover will be leaving his post 1/31/11. Chief Forrest has done a good job here in Bothell and he will be missed.

The current City Manager, Bob Stowe said "Cummings proved to be a highly regarded, outstanding professional, we are thrilled to have her as a leader at the city of Bothell.”

Fine and dandy. Lets see how Chief "Turbo Diesel" Cummings does. I am sure she will kick @ss and take names.

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