Zach LaVine from Bothell High, Puts Up Big Points

Wow! Zach Lavine put up some big points against Sacramento last night…  40 points!!! To bad the TWolves lost the game. Regardless, Zach is making Bothell High proud with his performance. Sports have always been a big deal at Bothell High and it is because people can look up to achievers like Zach that put in the hard work and dedication to make their dreams happen. Getting to the NBA is no small deal. Not only do you have to be blessed with true, raw talent, you need to work hard to develop that talent. That part, the “working hard” is the part that no one wants to do… however it can mean the difference between getting to your goal and not getting to your goal.

I hope that our local athletes are looking at the achievements of others coming out of our area for inspiration and drive.

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