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New Years in Bothell 2016-2017

New Years in Bothell!! Everyone always asks, what is going on for New Years 2016-2017 in Bothell? Most of us don’t want to drive all over the place New Year’s Eve so staying local is pretty appealing. So this year we decided to start a page and add all of the places that are doing something special for New Years in Bothell. We will be updating the list as the different venues get back to us. If we missed your spot, shoot us an email and we will add it!

Here is what we have so far:

  • Grazie’s Bothell: Special menu, but not open later than normal.
  • Amaro Bistro: Special menu, open late! Taking reservations now!
  • New Years Party at Julio’s Restaurant: No info yet. Sent Facebook Message. Sent email.
  • Viviendo Restaurant: Currently taking reservations at (425) 487-3202 
  • Beardslee Public House: No New Years event this year.
  • Pasion Tequila : No special menu, but extra Tequila on hand. Open late!
  • Canyons Bothell: Special 3 course meal including Champagne, $24.95, menu here
  • Russell’s: No info yet
  • Bone Fish Grill: No info yet
  • Bert’s Tavern: UMMM YEAH. Bert’s will be open FOE SHO.
  • Viva Jalisco Mexican Restaurant: No info yet
  • 192 Brewing: 2016-2017 New Years Event Info Here
  • Capps Club Kenmore: New Years Baracuda Ball with Live Music from Heart by Heart
  • McMenamins Anderson School Bothell: New Years Event Here
  • Lombardi’s in Mill Creek: New Years Menu here.
  • Thrashers Pub: Nothin’ special shake’n just open late.
  • Zulu’s Board Game Cafe: Will be open late, all ages fun. TONS OF GAMES!
  • Gall0 de Oro: Karaoke, shots and open until 2am!

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