Bothell City Council Approves Update to the Imagine Bothell Plan

Well the Bothell City Council voted to approve the update to the “Imagine Bothell” Plan. If you have never heard of the Imagine Bothell Comprehensive Plan, just click on the link to find more about it. This update provided a number of updates to the initial plan.

2015 Bothell City Council

The 2015 Periodic Plan and Code Update to the Imagine Bothell… Comprehensive Plan includes, among other provisions:

1.    Mixed-use zoning in the Canyon Park Business Center.
2.    Policies regarding climate change, air and water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat;
3.    Development of the downtown area as a mixed use urban growth center;
4.    Support of high quality transit services to meet future growth needs, as well as transit oriented development.
5.    Update to the City’s regulations pertaining to accessory dwelling units including allowing for detached ADUs.
6.    University of Washington Bothell enrollment and integration growth

Overall it looks like a solid plan that balances growth while still addressing Bothell’s focus on responsible development. Read more about this update here:




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