2013 Best Bothell Mexican Restaurant: Pasion Tequila

We know this is late, but according to our polls, our 2013 Best Bothell Mexican Restaurant winner was Pasion Tequila. Great food, great service, I have been to Pasion Tequila a number of times for lunch and dinner and LOVE the place. Salsa has a lot going on, you can mix the salsa an the pico digao together with your chips.. awesome. The entree I get the most is the tacos el pastor. MAN they are good. I get them well done so it has a hint of heat.. Not sure what they do to those tacos, but they are really good. 

Pasion Tequila has a ton of great dishes and I guess they use to be the folks that ran Jalisco’s down by the new Zeek’s Pizza in Canyon Park. I highly suggest Pasion Tequila in Bothell, everything is top notch. My boy loves their deep fried ice cream:

Charlie at pasion tequila loving the deep fried icecream




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