Just announced: Bothell’s UW is partnering with Bellevue College

Bothell, Wa- Bothell's UW is partnering with Bellevue College. Right now it is just a cooperative admissions program for international business students. I love the fact that it this is all wrapped around business. Our local teachers not only will have the chance to teach many new kid about business they will also be able to learn from these new young minds and soak up some great information that can be taught to other local students.

This new program is suppose to begining the Fall of 2012. The focus of these classes will be on teaching English.. which works for me.. I like the fact that "out of town folks" will be more fluent in English.

Officials at the University said that students coming from Bellevue College are the #1 source of transfer students into the UW Bothell business program.

Bothell Blog's Bottom Line: More English speaking people in Bothell = Good.

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