Canyon Park Traffic increases as Five Guy's Burgers Opens

Yep, we called it. In a blog post back in June, we mentioned that there was going to be an issue. Just when you though the traffic in Canyon Park coming down 228th couldn’t get any worse, Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries open their doors in the old Hollywood Video building next to BOA. The traffic light by Arby’s has always been an issue, especially for the folks coming down the 228th street hill every day. But now Five Guys have made it even worse. Take a look at the once empty parking lot there by Arby’s, it’s PACKED.. then look at the light trying to get OUT of that parking lot. It goes all the way back to Kinkos (not really, but you get our point).

We are wondering if there was anyone who gave a second thought about putting a Five Guys at that location.. I am sure what they DID see is the potential tax revenue that the Five Guys would bring to Bothell, and YES we understand money is money, but you know who else pays money to Bothell? THE VOTERS.. Mark our words, something will have to be done about that intersection/stoplight soon or the commuters that commute out of Bothell for work, will commute their way out of Bothell, permanently.

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