Bothell Police Flush Out Sewer Drain Thief


Have you been noticing the number of sewer covers missing around Bothell lately? Not only did we notice this, but apparently the Bothell Police Department has as well. Recently they have arrested a man who has admitted to stealing the two foot wide lids.. at least 40 of them.

Why would he do this?? Cash. the steal lids pay good money when recycled. That is IF you can move them.

Not only was this man stealing from he city, he was also was endangering the lives of citizens. The fact that these lids were removed could have cost the city some serious liability issues.

How much do these covers get on the open market? Who knows, but it costs the City between 90-130 bucks to replace them. When the Bothell PD checked the suspect, they found 56 covers.. we are not sure if the suspect was responsible for stealing all 56 of them.

The suspect was recently arrested and jailed for stealing catalytic converters as well. Bothell PD says the suspect admitted to stealing the covers.

Looks like this case has flushed itself out.

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