Canine Christmas in Bothell: Dozens of dogs find new homes at holiday adoption event

Holidays are about giving and adopting in Bothell

Hundreds of people poured into the adoption event "Canine Christmas" at the Academy of Canine Behavior on Sunday to adopt mans best friend. It is nice to see Bothell being recognized for its community involvement. Now that I think about it, I have not seen a dog catcher in Bothell… have you? I think that offering a loving home to a pet is a great gift for your family, but even a greater gift to the pet you bring into your home.

Seattle Times posted: "We want to find the best matches," said Andrea Logan, president of Pawsitive Alliance, a nonprofit group that aims to reduce the number of dogs and cats in shelters. For the past five years, the Seattle-area group has run several adoption events, but the holiday one is the most popular

Bothell Blog: Canine Christmas in Bothell

Bothell Blog: Canine Christmas in Bothell dog

Canine Christmas in Bothell: Lucky Dog


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