Bothell Night Life and Entertainment

Bothell Nightlife and live entertainment is going gangbusters in Bothell. After the Rocker went out of business, Bothell suffered from very little to do at night and over the weekends. Anyone who is out at night in Bothell can see that Bothell’s night life has been given a shot in the arm. Here are some things to do at night (focusing on the over 21 crowd here).


Bothell Live Music

WOW! The Bothell Live music scene has exploded over the last 2 or 3 years. We now have SO MANY places to go to see local live music. Bothell loves to support local artists so you will find that many of the artists live right here in Bothell or close at very least. Here are some places that have great live music in or around Bothell:

  • The Cottage
  • The Den
  • The Cut Shop in Woodinville

Bothell Comedy Nights

Just recently have we seen a growth in the comedy offerings here in Bothell. We have a couple of places that have regular comedy nights:

  • The Den
  • Decibel Brewing


Bothell Trivia Nights

  • Bothell Thrasher Corner Pub
  • Decibel Brewing


Night Life and Entertainment

  • Live Music
  • Comedy
  • Cocktails