Bothell Kayak on the Sammamish River is Outdoor Fun

Looking for something fun to do in Bothell? Bothell Kayak might be what you are looking for. Why not take a boat and paddle down the Sammamish River (or as locals call it, the Slue) ? There are a number of places you can rent canoes, kayaks, bikes along the Burke Gilman Trail in Bothell Washington. There is lots to do in Bothell.

Great place to get more information on renting Bothell kayak and boats in Bothell is at

You can rent kayaks for yourself, couples or even large groups. However, if you have a large group in Bothell that wants to go kayaking, I would suggest calling ahead for sure. Just to make sure they have enough Kayaks.

Bothell Kayak Locations

Locations include The Park at Bothell landing, The Tracy Owen Station at Log Boom Park and in Kenmore, accross the street from Jack in the Box. Each of these locations have free parking that is close to the rental area.

Kayaks are not the only thing that you can rent at Bothell Kayak. You can rent SUP (Stand Up Paddle boards). These are great, expecially in the summer time. They also have some SUPER HUGE SUP boards as well. These boards can have as many as 6-8 people on them at the same time. Great for larger groups. Kayak and boat rentals are usually by the hour, but more information about that can be found at

You will have to fill out a form when you rent, but the process is really fast. They give you some very basic instructions and provide safety instructions as well. Many of the people that we refer in Bothell Kayak have been on the water for years and understand boating.

Bothell Washington has a ton of great things to do and see. Bothell Kayak is just one of them.

Bothell Kayak in Bothell Washington



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