Backbone of AT&T Text Message Network's Secret Reveled: Bothell Wa

Anyhoo, Bothell Washington is a great place to live, eat and WORK. We all know that… but did you know that Bothell is home to one of AT&T’s largest datacenters? What is a datacenter? A datacenter is a building or room specifically designed for hosting hundreds and sometimes thousands of computers. AT&T has these datacenters all over the world.. their purpose? Text messages, videos, emails, anything you send to and from your smartphone.

How big is this datacenter? Let me hit you with some knowledge: This AT&T’s 1 Bothell datacenter uses more power the then entire DOWNTOWN of Bothell.

Below is an interview AT&T has given King 5. Pretty cool knowing that there are strategic business datacenters located in our city.. Bothell rules.


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