Country Village in Bothell Wa

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Bothell's Country Village: History and Future

Located at 23718 Bothell Everett Hwy, Bothell, Washington 98021 the Country Village in Bothell Washington opened its first shop in 1981. The shop was called The Farmhouse Antiques, a local antique store. The five acre property was purchased in 1979 by a residential land developer named Rod Loveless. The original farm house built in 1901 is still standing today, although it is in pretty poor condition. In the past, the land was used for a chicken ranch (notice all the chickens running around?) and a very profitable distillery during prohibition.

Soon after the purchase Mr.Loveless was approached to make the Antique house, and the vision for the Country Village was started. Rod eventually purchased 16 acres of land around the original plot and Country Village was born. The Loveless family built out offices, shops and attractions that are focused on local business and Bothell families. Every business who has come into the Country Village have been hand selected by the Loveless family and are required to work on family values. Currently the Country Village has close to 50 shops within the Village.


Bothell's Country VillageThe Country Village in Bothell is one of Bothell's best assets. Country Village is an old style village of businesses and children's activities that is a great place to spend some quality family time. There are many charming features that are included within the Village. Here are our favorites:


1. Pirate Ship: In the back of Country Village is a Pirate Ship that kids can play on and around. Around the Pirate Ship there are many toys and different things for kids to do. Great place to let the kids run out some of that energy we all wish we had.

2. Train Rides: Country Village has a year round attraction called the "Train Ride". Local train enthusiast "The Train Guy" has a working scaled down train that kids and parents can ride on. He drives the train all over the village and it is a real fun activity for the kids... and a great photo op for parents.

3. Carolina Smoke BBQ: Simply the BEST BBQ around. We dare you to find a better beef brisket anywhere. David the owner is very active in the Bothell Community and enjoys helping out with local and national charities.

4. Country Cafe: One of Bothell's oldest restaurants, the Country Cafe takes the time to prepare quality food, just like you would get at home. Darryl, the owner works tirelessly to ensure that all of the dishes he offers are of the highest quality. He thick slices his bacon by hand. Sure he could save some money by having someone else slice thinner bacon, but as he says "If you want something done right, you do it yourself". Country Cafe also bakes much of their fare onsite which helps ensure quality. Items such as muffins, biscuits and their famous cinnamon rolls. YUM. Great place for breakfast or lunch. Their fries are off the hook good.

Country Village Map  

Map of Country Village

Printable Country Village Map  :

We have provided a downloadable map that you can print out if you want. Some people like to print out this map of Country Village and mark off the shops they have gone too.

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