Bothell's Farmers Market in Country Village

Bothell's Farmers Market in Country Village 2011 is open from June through September 30th. The market features many local products. The market is a great place to pick up some flowers, get your face painted or purchase some great locally grown produce. It is a great place to bring your kids as well. Once through the market, you can head to one of the many different kid friendly attractions that are located in the Country Village. We walked through the market and found that there was much more offered than we expected.


Many times there are local musicians playing local music which makes it a great little family adventure. Pony Rides, Trian Rides and a number of different activities are available at the Country Village during the Farmers Market.


Farmers Market in Country Village in Bothell Wa: Serene Souls

We stopped and spoke with one of these vendors named Marilyn Stevens. She owns Serene Souls, a foot reflexology business in Bothell. Marilyn stated that she loves the market because she is able to interact with LOCAL people. "There is nothing better than working on someone's feet after a long day at the market... there are many people I can help and twice as many feet.", she said laughing. The Country Village Farmers Market gives business owners like Marilyn an inexpensive ways of getting their product or service out there in front of local shoppers. Let us tell you, from our experience, the minimal $10 charge for a foot reflexology session is well worth it. We will be back next week. 

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